Reviews Of Ickee Mushta

By Peter Morton    August 21, 2016

The current political landscape resembles the closing chapters of this book. Strange that Sandy imagined everything but the cheerleader figure of the newly morphed Republican Party. We clearly have a choice to make this November. Good job, Sandy

 all in all highly recommended 

By Robert Stout    March 24, 2016

Many virtues, many faults but the virtues outnumber the latter. Written in a style popular for YA readership, the short chapters present a believable coming of age, likeable characters, technological discovery, political awareness. The plot is straightforward, easy to follow, a quick and enjoyable read. That the novel was written before the Trump presidential campaign makes it remarkable insightful. That the story is supposedly narrated by the protagonist isn't effective, however, making a Hollywoodesque ending unbelievably sentimental. And that the racial characteristics of one of the protagonists isn't revealed until halfway through the book comes across as deceitful, forcing the reader to abruptly adjust his awareness of the lead characters relationship. But all in all highly recommended, especially for young readers.

From Readers

Bob B.
Just a quick note to say that I finally had time to read Ickee Mushta and I immensely enjoyed it. Yes, our politics are one and the same and your political perspective is dead on and extremely well written. However, I do fear we are at some risk that if our current trend of US politics continues unabated, your book may indeed turn out to be non-fiction... We live in truly amazing and scary times!