Six novels, all different yet with one thing in common: they trigger strong emotions and keep you reading to the last page. Click on each to learn more.

Each involves characters you can't help pulling for as they struggle against the obstacles life throws at them. Four are historical fiction and they all cross genre boundaries, one moment posing as young adult fiction, the next romance ... and always with adventure and emotion interwoven. Try Two Loves Lost. It will make you a fan and lead you on to the others.

The Pizza Dough King takes you through the life of an entrepeneur in his own words and thoughts as he deals with success and tragedy. Murder - On Salt Spring is often thought of as a cozy little mystery, yet it gives an accurate picture of the colorful island life in the 1940's. Written during the 2014-15 winter, Ickee Mushta became prophetic of our political situation in a frightening manner.

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